Frequently Asked Questions

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As soon as he/she is mature enough to be coachable!

There is no correct starting age because physical training started the moment the athlete was born by first learning how to crawl, then walk, and so on. All of this is physical training. From birth to adulthood, various bodily systems are growing in a child’s and adolescent’s organism, and each can be prioritized more or less depending on what stage of growth the body is in.


We have a STRICT visitation policy as we are busy training athletes and cannot entertain visitors at random. Do not come by unannounced. We encourage you to contact us through the contact page if you would like to schedule an onsite visit.

All PRECISION athletes can be given “physical homework” depending on their compliance. You must be an in-house athlete first to receive this. We do not provide athletes with entire programs to be done outside of the training facility.

Do not assume because your leg/spine/arm is broken that you cannot do physical development training for the rest of your body. Your life is not over, plus, training the rest of your body speeds the healing process by promoting systemic blood flow. Stopping training all together because you have a broken bone (or hang nail) is silly. The psychological aspect of recovery is rapidly enhanced when you maintain normal conditions as much as possible, thus we expect to see you at PRECISION even if you’re hurt because there’s plenty of exercises you can still do to keep progressing the rest of your body in the right direction!

Yes. It is incorrect to assume “soreness = bad” or “soreness = the body needs a break,” and in fact, it could mean quite the opposite – your body needs to keep training or you need to perform active recovery, otherwise you could be prolonging muscle soreness. When you come into the facility, our expert coaches will evaluate the level of soreness of an athlete and modulate the session’s intensity and/or volume to keep your body moving in the right direction as well as promoting active recovery from said soreness via recovery modalities/therapies. Muscle soreness, especially in the beginning of a new program or a change in athlete’s physical eco-system, is normal. It needs to be accounted for, but it does not mean you need to stop training. We expect to see you at PRECISION even if you’re sore!



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