Over the past decade, advancements in the field of sport science have created massive performance advantages far greater than imagined. PRECISION is the first and only facility to make this new generation of sport science training methodology available to pediatric/child-athletes of the San Francisco Bay Area, particularly Silicon Valley. A middle school athlete will leave PRECISION’s academy with a high degree of physical literacy and understanding of proper exercise and fitness habits that they will carry with them throughout life. This enables the young athlete not only to move well and create a healthy lifestyle but it also affords them a competitive athletic advantage in middle school. Middle school athletes often lack physical/athletic literacy and confidence thus we’ve made it a priority to ensure athletes who go through our academy program obtain this ability and confidence boost. This leaves them feeling much more comfortable in their own body thus leaving behind and physical insecurities they may have previously had. We care as much about our middle school athletes achieving long, healthy careers and maximizing sports performance as we do about professional and Olympic athletes. Most importantly, our academy’s staff places a premium on presenting ourselves in a manner that reinforces our status as role models for impressionable young athletes. PRECISION’s detailed middle school training approach is based on the tenants of:

  • Child Psychology & Well Being
  • High School Sport Preparation
  • Injury Prevention & Reduction
  • Pediatric Exercise Science & Long Term Athlete Development Model
  • Data Science & Analytics

For child student-athletes, genetic baseline and physical maturity are large determinants of sports performance and certain fitness attributes. Not all children have the same body or the same response to physical training. Children are not “mini-adults” – they are unique organisms that require individualized training prescriptions and progressions as we prepare them for competing in high school varsity sports, while at the same time giving them a competitive edge in middle school. As their bodies mature and enter adolescence, their individualized programs shift to reflect the needs of their unique growth and sport of choice. This solidifies the fundamentals of athleticism and future success as a high school varsity athlete. The following items are potential components featured in a middle school athlete’s program, and are commonly sought after by parents:

  • Speed/Power Training
  • Running Acceleration/Deceleration Mechanics
  • Agility/Change of Direction Mechanics
  • Sport-specific Conditioning
  • Core Stability Training
  • Strength Training (weights or bodyweight depending on puberty stage)
  • Injury Prevention and Corrective Orthopedic Exercise


  1. Apply for training services (see button below)
  2. If accepted, you will be notified by PRECISION staff, then the athlete’s initial assessment will be scheduled
  3. All athlete programs are individualized and coached in a 1-on-1 or 1-on-2 ratio of Coach-to-Athlete. There could be many athletes training in the building at one time but the ratio will always be no higher than 1 coach per 2 athletes for quality control.
  4. All training sessions are 75 minutes long.
  5. Training frequency for middle school athletes is family and sport dependent but usually 1-3 times per week.


  • Fall/Winter/Spring – 2:45-9:15pm Weekdays & 8:45am-4pm Saturdays
  • Summer – 8:30am-9:30pm Weekdays only

For other frequently asked questions about middle school athlete training and development please see our FAQ section.

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