Using Sport Science, Data Science, and a constantly evolving mindset, PRECISION’s comprehensive and objective methodology ensures results that are not only relevant, but specific to the needs and goals of the athlete, sport, and position. This is done through detailed tracking and monitoring of individualized programs, and actively educating the athlete and their supporters throughout the process. This culminates in not only enhanced sports performance but also a substantial injury prevention and reduction effect that is crucial for competitive longevity in professional sports or quadrennial Olympic schedules. Whether it is a college athlete trying to dominate their current level or advance to the next level, a professional athlete trying to maximize performance and ensure a long healthy career, or an Olympic athlete trying to win a gold medal, our staff’s education, credibility, and practical experience allows for the objective and confident pursuit of your athletic goals. Comprehensive services include results-driven physical training, tracking, massage therapy,  neuromuscular therapy, and sports nutrition.



  1. Apply for training services (see button below)
  2. If accepted, the athlete will be notified by PRECISION staff, then the athlete’s initial assessment will be scheduled (~ 2 hours long)
  3. All athlete programs are individualized and coached in a semi-private setting.  There could be many athletes training in the building at one time but the ratio will always be no higher than 1 coach per 2 athletes for quality control.
  4. All training sessions are 75 minutes for college athletes and 90 minutes for professional or Olympic level athletes.
  5. Training frequency is 1-2 times per week during in-season periods and 3-6 times per week during off-season periods for college/pro/Olympic athletes.


  • Fall/Winter/Spring – 2:45-9:15pm Weekdays & 8:45am-4pm Saturdays
  • Summer – 8:30am-9:30pm Weekdays only
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